1. KRG Opens Door To IOCs After Approval Of Regional Oil/Gas Law

    ...serves are outside the reach of the KRG. I expect the interest in the 40 blocks on offer to come from small players only, a continuation of the current pattern.” Call For Oil Law Referendum In an open letter to the Iraqi parliament and people, 419 Iraqi intellectuals have called for the draft oil la...

    Volume: 50
    Issue: 33
    Published at Mon, 13 Aug 2007
  2. Open Letter To Ayatollah Khamenei

    ...intellectuals and dissidents]; the crime committed at the [Tehran] University dormitory; the closure of the press and media organizations; the arrest of political activists; the suppression of university students and academics; implementation of highly unprecedented judicial verdicts in pu...

    Volume: 46
    Issue: 25
    Published at Mon, 23 Jun 2003
  3. Arab Press Review

    ...volved itself, along with a number of Iraqis, in a series of intellectual/academic seminars about post-Saddam Iraq. Against this background of where the opposition finds itself, some groups – for different reasons – take a stand of refusing a US role in whatever shape or form, while others are re...

    Volume: 45
    Issue: 46
    Published at Mon, 18 Nov 2002
  4. The Political Scene

    ...rawiec of the Rand Corporation told the Defense Policy Board (DFB) – a group of intellectuals and former senior officials that advises the Pentagon on defense policy – on 10 July that Saudi Arabia is “the kernel of evil, the prime mover, the most dangerous opponent” in the Middle East and that “Saudi Ar...

    Volume: 45
    Issue: 32
    Published at Mon, 12 Aug 2002
  5. New Documentation On US Sanctions Moves

    ...e payments were compensation for terrorist acts; The intellectual property rights of Americans might be jeopardized, if US nationals are not permitted to engage in transactions necessary to register and maintain these rights in the targeted countries; US media and American jo...

    Volume: 40
    Issue: 24
    Published at Mon, 16 Jun 1997
  6. The Political Scene (8 August 1994)

    ...media exposure) with its campaign against foreigners and intellectuals in and around Algiers. It may well be that Mr. Haddam and other FIS officials - two of whom are reliably reported to have gone over to the GIA - feel that the AIS is being decisively outflanked by the GIA's ruthless flair for pu...

    Volume: 37
    Issue: 45
    Published at Mon, 08 Aug 1994
  7. The Political Scene (30 November1992)

    ...ristians shall take the appropriate measures to achieve this goal and to form a national commission headed by the President of the Republic and including, in addition to the Prime Minister and the Speaker of the Assembly, political, intellectual and social figures. The task of the commission shall be to st...

    Volume: 36
    Issue: 09
    Published at Mon, 30 Nov 1992
  8. Documentation On Iraq-Kuwait Crisis

    ...akening it after the end of the ruinous war which lasted eight years. All sincere Arabs, leaders, intellectuals and citizens, including the heads of the Gulf states, agreed that in the war Iraq was defending the sovereignty of all the Arab nation, especially the Gulf states and in particular Kuwait. The Go...

    Volume: 33
    Issue: 42
    Published at Mon, 23 Jul 1990
  9. The Political Scene

    ...sliding helplessly towards confrontation has been signals from Tehran that the Baghdad summit's endorsement of Iraqi sovereignty over the Shatt al-'Arab waterway has not done irrepairable damage to the mini-detente between Iran and Iraq which began when Iraqi President Saddam Husain sent a letter to...

    Volume: 33
    Issue: 36
    Published at Mon, 11 Jun 1990
  10. The Political Scene

    ...tentions, also appeared to be favorable. So when Iraqi Foreign Minister Tariq 'Aziz revealed in Rome on 14 May that there had been a response from the Iranians and that "the exchange of letters was official," adding that "we consider this as a positive development to the situation which we would like to bu...

    Volume: 33
    Issue: 33
    Published at Mon, 21 May 1990