NO. 22

6 MARCH 1989


Libyan Production Averaged 1.035mn b/d in January

According to MEES sources, Libya's crude oil production averaged 1.035mn b/din January with the following breakdown: Waha (ex-Oasis) 300,000 b/d; Ageco/Ummal-Jawabi (NOC for Sarir and Amna crudes), 300,000 b/d; Zueitina(ex-Occidental), 120,000 b/d; Agip/NOC, 150,000 b/d onshore and 20,000 b/d offshore;Sirte (ex-Esso), 75,000 b/d; NOC (ex-Mobil) 60,000 b/d; Wintershall, 10,000b/d. The OPEC quota level for Libya...