No 13



Text Box: Contents Include:   ENERGY (A)   Iraq/Nigeria Crises Lift Oil Prices, 6 Joint Oil Data Exercise, 10 FSU 2002 Petroleum Exports Up, 10 Japanese Refiners Curb Capacity, 11 Kuwait Ratqa/Abdali Restart , 11 Saudi/Kuwait Crude To Jordan, 12 Oman Crude To Stay 800,000 B/D, 12 EPC Shortlist For Dolphin Project, 13 First Calgary Algeria Test Results, 15 Abadan Refinery Normal After Hit, 16 Work Begins On Qatar Oryx Project, 18 Shah Deniz Development Starts, 18   FINANCE (B)   MENA Economic Outlook Uncertain, 1 US War Budget Aid For ME Allies, 4 US Reschedules Jordan Debt, 4 US Confiscates Iraq Funds, 5 IMF Positive On Lebanon, 6     POLITICS (C)   Coalition Struggles, 1 Confusion In The North, 1 And After The War, 2   Arab Press Review, 3   OP ED & DOCUMENTS (D)   Annan Oil-For-Food Amendment, 1 McKibbin/Stoeckel On War Costs, 2    

Minimal War/Sabotage Damage To Iraqs Southern Fields; Post-War Planning Is Shambles

As the war in Iraq continues, with all the signs that the conflict will be longer than predicted, early indications are that a major part of the countrys oil sector has escaped serious damage. As for the USs plans for post-war Iraq, these are largely in the hands of the Pentagon and, according to US and Iraqi opposition sources, are haphazard and far from being ready for...