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Text Box: Contents Include:   ENERGY (A)   Iraqi Oil Sector Development Views, 7 OPEC To Mull Supply Options, 10 Oil Prices Steady After Losses, 11 EIA Maintains 2003 Demand View, 15 Azadegan Field Talks Continue, 16 Hydrocarbon Law Confirmed Frozen, 16 Turkmenistan/Russia Energy Deals, 17 Oman Block 3D Survey Starts, 20 Mohammedia Now At 60% Capacity, 21 JNOC Plan Cleared By METI, 22 MPGC Rescheduled For September, 22   FINANCE (B)   Iraq External Debt Figures, 1 Qatar Lifts Capital Spending, 2 Alba Signs Expansion Loans, 5 Bahraini Saudi Bank Probe Complete, 6 Saudi TASI Index At Record High, 7   POLITICS (C)   Confusion Follows Collapse, 1 Kurds Take Kirkuk, 2 Syria In The Hawks’ Sights, 2   Arab Press Review, 3   OP ED & DOCUMENTS (D)   Gault On Allocation of OPEC Quotas, 1 Zanoyan on Global Energy Security, 5

RIIA Envisages Piecemeal Iraqi Oil Redevelopment Until Independent Government In Place

The major investments required to build Iraqi oil production capacity to its potential will have to wait for the emergence of a truly independent government willing to engage international oil companies on viable and stable contract terms, according to the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA), London. In the report Iraqs Oil Tomorrow, published on 3 April, RIIA...