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Text Box: Contents Include:   ENERGY (A)   IOCs Want Legal Iraq Authority, 2 $3Bn Oil Spare Parts Available Now, 3 US Sets Standards for Oil Sector, 5 OPEC Extraordinary Meeting, 6 OPEC 10 Output Up In March, 8 Iraqi Oil Industry Prospects, 9 US Legal Responsibility In Iraq, 10 OPEC Forecast On Supply/Demand, 13 NSCSA In Deal With ChevronTexaco, 17 Alepco Announces Bid Round, 18     FINANCE (B)   Iraq Plans Hinge On UN Role, 1 US Tries To Appropriate Iraq Funds, 3 Oman Budget Projects Deficit, 4 Islamic Banking Update, 7 Lebanon Cuts Rates, 9     POLITICS (C)   A Short Honeymoon, 1 Bush Calls For Sanctions Lifted, 2 Syria Under Attack, 2   Arab Press Review 4   OP ED & DOCUMENTS (D)   Alhajji and Williams On OECD Oil Dependence, 1  

Arab Press Review

US Occupation Of Iraq

(MEES Translation)

The following is an extract from an article by Abd al-Wahab Badrakhan (Managing Editor of al-Hayat) entitled Occupation Or What? that was published in the paper of 21 April.

The word makes the Americans angry, for they convinced themselves that they conducted and are continuing to do so a war of liberation. The Iraqi people are very grateful for this liberation that could only be achieved the way it was on...