No 51/52


Text Box: Contents Include:   ENERGY (A)   SOMO Floating LPG Storage Plans, 3 Halliburton Charges Concern Bush, 3 Demand Keeps Prices Buoyant, 6 Fresh Azadegan Deadline Passes, 7 Iran Signs Extra IAEA Protocol, 8 Khelil Sees Slow Euro-Med Progress, 10 Algeria Awards Five Blocks, 11 Apache To Develop West Med, 14 New Head For Sytrol, 18 Borouge To Expand Ruwais Plant, 18       FINANCE (B)   Saudi 2004 Budget Sees $8Bn Deficit, 1 Creditors Pledge Iraq Debt Reduction, 5 Qatargas-2 Financing Moving Ahead, 6 Sohar Refinery Loan Signing, 6 Jordan's Samra Financing Deal, 7       POLITICS (C)   Saddam Captured, 1 Sistani Wants UN Vote Decision, 1 Sharon Threatens To Act Unilaterally, 2       OP ED & DOCUMENTS (D)   Meling On Oil Supply Growth, 1    


Bush Thinks Halliburton Overcharged US For Iraq Fuel; Focus On Kuwaiti Subcontractor

President Bush said on 12 December that he thought Halliburtons subsidiary Kellogg Brown and Root (KBR) had overcharged the Pentagon for the supply of fuel to Iraq. A Pentagon audit found that KBR had overcharged the US military by $1.09/B on nearly 57mn gallons of gasoline delivered to Iraq from Kuwait (MEES, 15 December). I appreciate the Pentagon looking out after the...