Oil Prices

Yemen Crude Contracts For 1995; 1Q 95 Prices Raised

The Yemeni oil authorities have finalized crude oil export contracts for 1995for a total of 130,000 b/d, as follows:

- Marib Light: Kuwait's Independent Petroleum Group (IPG) 10,000 b/d; Coastal10,000 b/d; Unocal 10,000 b/d; Phibro 10,000 b/d; Glencore (formerly Marc Rich)10,000 b/d; Cosmo 5,000 b/d. Total: 55,000 b/d.

- Masila: IPG 15,000 b/d; Coastal 15,000 b/d; Phibro 15,000 b/d; Glencore15,000 b/d;...